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Three Gift Ideas to Make Your Boyfriend More Stylish

Your boyfriend’s birthday is coming, but you have not come up with an idea of what gift you should buy him. Why don’t you buy him a fashion item that will make him look more attractive and stylish? However, we realize that not all women are accustomed to men’s fashion. Therefore, here is an article dedicated to discussing gift ideas that can make your boyfriend more fashionable than before.

Buying Him a New T-Shirt

men's shirtsBuying him a new t-shirt may not sound like an original idea at all, yet t-shirts are the most versatile clothing piece that your boyfriend will wear most of his time. Besides, there are many ways to make a t-shirt a special gift.

First, if you can draw, you can print your drawing on the gift shirt by using a custom shirts service. It does not have to be perfect and intricate because simplicity is the dominant theme in men’s fashion. Second, you can think of a quote from a movie, game, or book that your boyfriend likes the most.

Get Him Sunglasses


Sunglasses are every man’s item during summer. They’ll accentuate your boyfriend’s facial features and protect their eyes from intense sun ray. Besides, if your boyfriend likes to ride motorcycles or drive cars, sunglasses will also be useful to them.

However, not all frames will look good on your boyfriend’s face. First, you have to know what shape of your boyfriend’s face is. Aviators sunglasses look nice on a round face, while round frames are meant to balance the strong accents of a square face. And for those with rectangular shape, wayfarer model is their ideal fit. Lastly, a heart-shaped face will be best-suited with clubmasters sunglasses.

Second, the sunglasses you buy must be of the known-brands: Polaroid, Fastrack, Calvin Klein, or Ray-Ben. Sunglasses may be a minor fashion item, but they do have their prestige.

Get Him a Pair of Trousers

men wearing trousersBuying him a new pair of trousers will not only show your affection but also how much efforts you have on paying attention to all details about him. Why trousers? First, your boyfriend will need them for work. And giving him an item that he will wear during his busiest time will make him feel closer to you. Second, even though trousers are a necessity, men usually forget to renew their trousers collection. The chances are that they have been wearing the same pair for years already.

However, buying trousers is not without risk. If you don’t get the right size, the chances are that you’ll need to return it to the store and get an exchange. But asking him directly will ruin the surprise. Therefore, you should borrow an existing pair of your man’s wardrobe and use it as your reference for buying the new one.