Tips for Hair Growth – Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Hair

Every day, we lose approximately 100 hairs from our scalp. While it’s possible that majority of those hairs grow back (shaved ones), some may not due to several factors that we may not have control over. Some of these common factors include:

  • Age
  • Poor nutrition
  • Stress
  • Hereditary
  • Medical conditions e.g. diabetes and lupus
  • Medical treatment side effects e.g. chemotherapy

However, there’re several things you can do to reverse this unpleasant scenario. Read on as we take you through the best tips for hair growth – stop hair loss & regrow hair that you should apply.

Apply Rosemary Oil

This should probably be at the top of your hair growth and reduced hair loss agenda. In fact, most people trust this product because it effectively stimulates new hair growth while at the same time treating androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is also known as male pattern baldness and its main cause is genetics or hereditary baldness.
Baldness aside, mix just a few drops of this oil with vegetable/carrier oil and then properly massage it into your scalp and hair before rinsing. You should repeat this process a few times every week. Also, add a few drops of this oil into your conditioner and shampoo on a daily basis. However, don’t apply any essential oils directly on your skin without mixing with carrier oil or shampoo.

Undergo Laser Hair Therapy

One of the most recommended ways of handling any hair loss is to see your doctor so that you can know what exactly the root-cause is. That said, you doctor will first of all carry out a series of blood tests before suggesting any treatment option.

Low-level laser therapy and cold laser therapy will irradiate photons into the scalp tissues. After the weak cells have absorbed these photons, hair growth is encouraged. If you compare laser hair therapy with hair transplant surgery, it’s noninvasive, safe, and painless. However, you’ll have to pay a little bit more to enjoy the fruits of this procedure.

Eat Lots of Vitamin D

We all know one of the greatest sources of vitamin D is the sun. However, don’t try to directly bake your bald spot in the sun as this can result to even a bigger problem. In fact, this’s the common location for most skin cancers.

That said, eating foods rich in vitamin D such as salmon, milk, tuna, swordfish, and orange juice can help reset your hair’s growth phase. One study by the British Journal of Dermatology found out that people experiencing hair loss problems are 3 times more likely to be vitamin D deficient.

Meditation and Exercise

If you notice you’re losing more hair than normal, you should definitely evaluate your stress levels. This’s because stress prevents your hair follicles from growing by putting them in a resting stage. Another reason is that stress increases the hormone cortisol in your body, hence destabilizing other hormone levels. If you’re genetically predisposed to baldness, this could speed up the process. Therefore, take a few minutes of your daily time to meditate as you’ll be effectively managing your stress levels.

Regularly Clean and Comb Your Hair

Did you know that by just combing your hair you’re promoting hair re-growth? Well, now you know. Make sure you comb your hair at least 3 times every day as you’ll be generously massaging the scalp and improving blood circulation. Also, use a mild shampoo to clean the scalp and the hair. This generally helps in rejuvenating the hair follicles.

So did your favorite trick make it in our list? If not, don’t fret yourself because adopting one of the above tricks will most definitely give you the desired results. Always keep in mind that properly taking care of your hair demands a holistic approach which entails properly taking care of both your body and mind.